Hokkien mee Culture

上城福建面,立志把《传承本土大排档的传统文化》为使命。秉持“使命一致、品质一致” 的理念,向世界传递马来西亚传统美食的文化色彩。

Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee aspires to uphold its mission of “Passing on the culture of local roadside food stalls”. It maintains its ideals of “Keeping consistent mission and quality” in promoting to the entire world the diversity of Malaysia’s traditional food culture.

Our team aims to satisfy customer needs and give priority to service our customers. We create a comfortable environment so that they have a cosy ambience to enjoy when interacting with others, and enjoy good food they can be proud of. Our management team believes we can build a better future through our effort. We create an environment for our employees to learn and start their enterprise. We implement a relationship-based teaching and management module for the employees to upgrade themselves. Our employees can use Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee as a platform to learn how to start their own business and pass on the traditional food culture.

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Brand Philosophy

通过精心挑选的食材和专业的服务,延续传统美食文化,向世界各国美食爱好者传递马来西亚传统美食文化。作为业务涉及马来西亚的连锁餐饮企业,上城秉承诚信经营的理念,以提升食品质量的稳定性和安全性为前提条件, 为广大消费者提供更舒服的环境,更健康、更安全、更营养和更放心的食品。

Through carefully selected ingredients and professional services, we continue the traditional food culture and deliver traditional Malaysian food culture to food lovers from all over the world. As a chain catering company involved in business in Malaysia, Uptown Hokkien Mee adheres to the concept of integrity management, and provides a more comfortable environment for consumers to be healthier, safer and more nutritious, based on the premise of improving the stability and safety of food quality.