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很多年没吃到那么香猪油味的福建面了。喜欢的朋友这里真的要试一试,包你不会后悔。本身是很喜欢吃福建面的人,这里的福建面可以说是我吃到最满足的一间。福建面最重要的是猪油的香味。我本身吃东西时很喜欢先嗅一下味道,再喝一汤匙汁后才吃开始吃东西的人,那汁和面条粘着猪油的香味,真的吃到很有满足吃到爽的那种感觉。味道真的是一级棒。- From Google Rating

Chan Chong Lau

这间的福建面真的是一流,还有他的 Orange juice 很好喝,很浓缩又很纯。尤其是那位老板娘记性很好,因为她知道我们常去吃些什么喝些什么,所以不用问她,她都知道我们要什么。有时候很迟才过去,他的桌子那些都块收完了,但是她还是说有。像这样子的店面,如果换成是别人,东西全部快收完了,你还没问里面的人就快快把手伸上来讲没有了。- From Google Rating

Shirley Ong

Great place for hokkien mee.food arrived in 5mins.a lot of ingredients like cabbage,meat, prawns but the cabbage seemed a little undercooked and stil stuck together in chunks. price may be a little higher than the coffee shop tai chow.the damansara uptown outlet offers the option of with or without aircond. Opens only from 5pm to 2.30am. - From Google Rating

Ally Lin

Hokkien fried noodles. This is a must ordered for this restaurant as it is full of “wok hei”. The black sauce was quite watery. The noodles were slightly salty but it was all good. The vegetables were crunchy. It has crunchy salty pork lard in it too, but we ordered an extra bowl of fried pork lard to go with this noodle and it was the perfect combination. - From Google Rating


Recommended by my friends, the hok kien mee of restaurant damansara hokkien mee very nice!!! So I follow them to taste the greatness of it. We have ordered 2-persons hok kien mee with RM 15. The portion is OKOK only not large nor little. The noodles is quite heavy taste but it is not over salty. I like it quite much and it tastes good for me. - From Google Rating